LiveTheOrangeLife 401k

The LiveTheOrangeLife program is an integral part of the Home Depot’s employee benefits package, offering a wide range of options to suit the diverse needs of its workforce. This article will provide an overview of the key aspects of the program, with a focus on the FutureBuilder 401(k) Plan, an important feature for long term financial planning.

What is LiveTheOrangeLife?

LiveTheOrangeLife is Home Depot’s dedicated employee portal, aimed to provide a wide range of perks such as health and life insurance, financial information, and stock options. This application provides employees with a one stop shop for managing their benefits and planning for the future.

Who Can Access LiveTheOrangeLife?

The LiveTheOrangeLife perks are available to all Home Depot employees, including part time and salaried staff. The platform responds to the demands of diverse employee groups by providing perks that are personalized to their job status.

Health and Wellness Benefits:

Employees are provided with a variety of health benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and disability insurance. These plans, which provide comprehensive coverage, are available to both full time and part time employees.

Financial Benefits:

  • FutureBuilder 401(k) Plan: A cornerstone of LiveTheOrangeLife, this plan allows employees to save for retirement with Home Depot matching contributions to a certain extent.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP): Employees can purchase company stock at a discounted rate, fostering a sense of ownership and investment in the company’s success.
  • Direct Deposit and Bank Incentives: Facilitates efficient financial management for employees​​​​.

More information visit the financial benefits page.

Work Life Balance Benefits:

Home Depot appreciates the importance of work life balance, offering benefits like tuition reimbursement, relocation assistance, and various leave options, including vacation and sick days​​​​.

The FutureBuilder 401(k) Plan

The FutureBuilder 401(k) Plan is an important benefit for Home Depot workers that is designed to assist them in creating a secure financial future. Employees can contribute a portion of their pay to the plan, with Home Depot matching contributions available under certain conditions.

LiveTheOrangeLife Contact Details:

ServiceContact Details
Benefits Choice CenterMon-Fri 9am – 7pm (EST)
Live Chat: Mon-Fri 9am – 11pm (EST)
MYTHDHR1.866 myTHDHR (1.866.698.4347)
[email protected]
(HRSC) Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm (EST)
(TAC) Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm (EST)
Sat-Sun Closed


The FutureBuilder 401(k) Plan is a crucial component of the LiveTheOrangeLife benefits package for Home Depot workers. This program not only gives immediate benefits such as health insurance and stock options, but it also assists employees in planning for the future by offering a comprehensive retirement plan. Home Depot employees can assure financial stability and security for themselves and their family by taking advantage of these benefits.