Live The Orange Life Customer Support

Live The Orange Life is a program designed to offer comprehensive customer service and benefits to the employees of Home Depot. This article provides an in depth look at the services and support offered through Live The Orange Life, drawing information from various sources.

LiveTheOrangeLife is a comprehensive online portal for Home Depot employees, offering a wide range of benefits including health, medical, and vacation services. To access these, employees need to register on the official website. This platform is a valuable resource for enhancing work life balance and overall well being. For any inquiries, Home Depot’s customer service is accessible through the portal.

Live The Orange Life Customer Support

Live The Orange Life Customer Support Services

Contact Numbers:

  • Personnel Center: 866-698-4347
  • Choice Center Benefits: 800-555-4954
  • International: 1-847-883-0557
  • Availability: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern time; closed on weekends.


Home Depot’s Live The Orange Life campaign is a significant initiative aiming at enriching the lives of its employees through comprehensive perks and customer assistance. Not only does the program provide a variety of advantages, but it also ensures that employees have easy access to information and assistance when needed. Live The Orange Life is a tribute to Home Depot’s devotion to its personnel, whether it’s through their website, customer support lines, or the Total Value Program.